Best Way to Learn a New Language

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If you want to know the best way learn a new language, you have a number of choices.

  • Immersion, where you go live in a country where the language is spoken
  • Live classes, where you attend a language school, usually weekly
  • Personal tutor, where you have one-on-one instruction
  • Language study home course, usually on CD / DVD or online

Which is the Best Way to Learn a New Language?

The right way to learn a new language is to get yourself to the point where you can hold basic conversations as fast as possible. Then, you use your new language to learn your new language. No classes or courses will get you fluent in any new language. The only way to become fluent is to use the language in everyday conversations. That’s why we say learn a new language by using it.

And that is why getting to conversational level as fast as possible is the best approach.

To get conversational quickly, unless you can move for a month to somewhere where the language is spoken as the native tongue, your best choice is an online or electronic media-based course.

Why? Because you need to study for at least an hour a day, for eight weeks, to get to conversational level. And the home-study courses provide the best structure, particularly if they incorporate interactive tools to assist you with vocabulary development and conjugation of verbs.

Our Language Recommendations

If you want to know the best way to learn a new language, select from the languages below and see the approaches which we strongly recommend for learning a second language.

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Why Language Learning Online Works?

Why do we focus primarily on online learning resources for our recommendations? The reason is very simple. These tools work, because they are both effective and convenient. Learning a new language involves work. But it is much better to work smart than to work hard!

Characteristics and benefits of the best language learning software!

Choosing a bad language learning process has deprived too many people of the satisfaction of mastering a second language! They should have chosen effective immersion approaches.