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Best Spoken Chinese CourseIf you have made the decision to learn Mandarin Chinese online, you have made the right decision with a likelihood of greater success than with any of the other alternatives.

There are some truly great learn Mandarin programs available. Unfortunately, not all of them are good.

Here we discuss the elements of any Mandarin Chinese online program which can make a huge difference and which you should make sure are incorporated in your program of choice.

Best Way to Learn Mandarin Chinese Online?

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If you select the right online program you maximize your chances of success!

Equally significant, you will also shorten significantly the amount of time it will take for you to learn Mandarin to conversational level where you are able to hold decent Mandarin conversations.

With the right program, you could be speaking Chinese quite well and capable of complete mandarin conversations in as little as 8 weeks, assuming you spend an hour a day practicing with a structured program.

There are two essential components which need to be incorporated if the Chinese online program you select is to be most effective.

In the first place, the program must have interactive tools to help you with vocabulary and grammar. There is nothing slower or more boring than just trying to memorize lists of words or lists of verb conjugations.

Also, memorization is not the most natural way to acquire knowledge – trying to cram knowledge into your head is simply not effective for long term retention.

You will forget most of what you learn, and this will reduce your interest in learning Mandarin. That means you’re likely to give up.

However, with interactive tools structured to make learning fun and interesting, you are more likely to retain the knowledge.

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Fortunately, the better programs have really well-designed tools, where a lot of thought has gone into both their design and their content.

After all, in the beginning you want to be selective about what you are learning, and should make sure that you are studying only words and verbs which are commonly used in conversations that you will be having early on.

Your goal is to get conversational as quickly as possible so be ruthless with yourself in terms of the range of vocabulary and verbs you are initially trying to learn.

Second, you must choose the Mandarin online program which exposes you to complete sentences and complete conversations from day one of the program. These must be at least audio-based, and as interactive as possible.

Discover Rocket ChineseGetting exposed to complete sentences is essential if you are to master Mandarin sentence structure.

You will never be conversational in any language until you are thinking in terms of the structure of sentences in Mandarin, and not in terms of English sentence structure.

It is absolutely vital that you choose a learn Mandarin program which incorporates the features listed above!

So choose wisely, and with the right online course you can learn Chinese fast and be engaging in real conversations in Mandarin in eight weeks or so.

Our preference and recommendation for how to learn Mandarin Chinese online is Rocket Chinese Premium.

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