Name Numerology Calculator | The First Step

Numerology ReadingYou can use a simple name calculator to determine three main numerology numbers:

  • Expression
  • Heart Desire
  • Personality

Name Numerology Calculator Methodology

Here we will go through the specific calculator process for each of the three numerology numbers mentioned above.

The name that you should generally use is the exact full name as documented on an official birth certificate.

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There are a few exceptions, such as when there is an error on the official record which is acknowledged by your parents. This is because the certificate does not reflect the name they truly intended to give you.

But in most cases the correct name to use for an accurate result is your name as documented on the official birth record!

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Name Calculator – Expression Number

The expression number is also sometimes referred to as the destiny number, and it can reveal much about your goals and objectives in life. It can also shed light on your strengths and weaknesses.

Thus using a calculator to determine this number can be very helpful in understanding your path in life and successfully navigating life for maximum results, happiness, and success.

The calculator process assigns a number to each character in your name, and follows a methodology as indicated in the index chart on the right.

The result is always reduced to a single number by adding together the digits in any two digit number.

Only middle names given at birth are usually relevant, but names given later such as during confirmation in some Christian religions and other significant life ceremonies can have significance elsewhere in numerology.

Name Calculator – Heart Desire Number

The heart desire number is based only on the vowels in your name. Specific rules for whether Y is a vowel or a consonant exist depending on placement and use in name.

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If any syllable in each individual name already has a vowel then Y is treated as a consonant but for say Bryan [two syllables (Bry)(an)] then the Y is a vowel as it determines the pronunciation of the first syllable. Same for Lynn (one syllable but no other vowel)!

The result is always reduced to a single digit.

Name Calculator – Personality Number

From the same process the personality number is driven by the consonants in your name. The same rules apply with respect to the letter Y. As with the other key numbers the name numerology calculator completes iterations until you arrive at a single digit number between 1 and 9.

Using the calculator only gets you to the right numbers for your analysis. You really need an experienced numerologist to analyze these numbers as the interactions can be quite complex.

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