Numerology Calculator Essential Principles

Reading of Numerology NumbersThe whole purpose of the Numerology Calculator is to determine your individual life number. The calculator process is not a complex process, and you can calculate your individual personal number right now.

Here we will show you two methods which achieve the same results as a complicated calculator – but remember that it is not the calculator process, which only derives the number, which is important. What is important is the interpretation of the numbers.

Numerology interpretation is complex and best left to professionals so that you do not get erroneous readings. By the same token, a professional numerology reading can be very enlightening and can help to improve your life in so many ways.

Numerology Calculator Method 1:

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For the birth date number there are two approaches. The first approach sums the birth month, the birth date, and the year of birth.

If we take an example, July 2, 1962, we can go through this numerology calculation to illustrate.

Initial calculation: 07+02+1962=1,971
Then add resulting digits: 1+9+7+1=18
Then add resulting digits: 1+8=9
Life Path Number = 9

Numerology Method 2:

The second approach for determining the birth date number simply adds all of the individual numbers of the full date of birth together and then adds the individual digits of that result to determine the birth number.

We’ll use the same birth date, July 2, 1962, to illustrate.

Initial calculation: 0+7+0+2+1+9+6+2=27
Then add resulting digits: 2+7=9
Life Path Number = 9

Obviously, as each person only has one personal birth date number the answer is the same no matter which calculator approach you use. And you didn’t need a complex calculator to get to the answer. You should try it with your own personal birth date.

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Numerology Method 3:

With the previous two methods, you use only one of the two alternatives and derive the birth date number.

In this part you calculate the personal name number by applying the table below to your full birth certificate name. If you changed your name for any reason, such as marriage, use your original full birth name:

1: A,J,S
2: B,K,T
3: C,L,U
4: D,M,V
5: E,N,W
6: F,O,X
7: G,P,Y
8: H,Q,Z
9: I,R

Apply the number chart to all the letters in the name, do the addition, then add the digits of the answer and keep going until you get a single digit answer. Let’s do John Smith for illustration.

Initial calculation: 1+6+8+5(John)+1+4+9+2+8(Smith)=44
Then add resulting digits: 4+4=8
Expression or Destiny Number = 8

That is all there is to it! You are now your own numerology calculator. Elsewhere on this site you can find out lots more about the interpretations and meanings of the numerology numbers.

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