A Numerology Reading And What It Entails

Numerology ReadingA numerology reading done properly is vastly complex. And that is just if you are having a reading done for you! If you are also having a reading done for a partner or spouse, you will understand that the complexities increase as you try to interpret the synergies and challenges of the interaction between the two individuals.

However, most of the source of the reading is based off two key items – your birth date and your name.

Foundations of Numerology Reading

Numerology numbers derived from date of birth:

These are extremely important from a numerology perspective and tend to deal with the path of your life, to this point and in the future. You need to think of many of the numbers as influencing a cycle or period in your life.

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However, the most important number – the Life Path number – deals with your entire life or the entire cycle.

Within that cycle there are sub-cycles, and this is where the power of the science of numerology comes into play to help you identify and influence the quality of your life, your level of success, love, wealth, and so on.

There are many numerology numbers derived from your birth date. These include the Life Path, Birth Day, Challenges (1st, 2nd, 3rd & main, 4th), Pinnacles (1 through 3), Periods (1, 2, and 3), and Current Personal Year Cycle.

As you can see, while the calculation and interpretation of the Life Path number is quite straightforward, suddenly you find you are dealing with lots of different numbers and endeavoring to interpret their meaning for you both now and in the future.

That is why it is always best to opt for a professional numerology reading, to make sure the interpretations are correct and put to best use to better yourself!

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Numerology numbers derived from birth name:

While many people contemplate a name change for numerology purposes, understand that your birth name will always be with you and part of you. Some numerologists believe that a name change can be a positive, because the harmony and vibration of your name influences the expectations people have of you. Others are not so sure about that!

Numerology numbers which are based on your name tend to define you within the overall picture of your life – weaknesses, talents, strengths, and other factors.

While they exist within the overall framework of your Life Path, understanding them and capitalizing on that understanding can allow you to have a profound positive impact on your life.

Some of the numerology numbers which come from your name include the Expression, Heart’s Desire, Subconscious Self, Cornerstone, and Balance numerology numbers, among others.

We suggest starting with a free professional numerology reading. It is the start of an exciting and fun journey!

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