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Reiki 2 InformationReiki 2 is the intermediate level of Reiki Certification. For this level, you must already be attuned for Reiki 1. And upon completion, you expand considerably the healing power you posses.

Indeed, you have the capacity to be an effective Reiki practitioner upon completion of the second level, however you are not yet ready to be able to attune others to Reiki. That is the exclusive domain of a Reiki Master.

But upon completion of your Reiki Training for stage 2, you are ready to tackle the final level – the Master level – or Reiki 3!

Reiki 2 Benefits

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You expand upon your learning and skills acquired during the previous level. In addition, you are introduced to the concept of distance healing. As part of your training you will practice sending Reiki to a friend or relative at a distance.

You are also given a much more in-depth overview of all of the Chakras and the ways in which Reiki can be harnessed on a Chakra by Chakra basis to refine and focus the power of Reiki. This is a huge benefit of the level all by itself.

You are also introduced to the three Reiki symbols, in terms of how to use them to augment your healing therapy. Reiki symbols are powerful and you will learn to use them and apply them productively and effectively during your Reiki education and training!

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The attunements related to this level are powerful and wonderful to experience even if you have no plans to practice Reiki yourself. Many people prepare for and receive the second level Reiki attunement purely for their own well-being and emotional health.

With online courses and programs now available more and more people are turning to Reiki and completing it through the this level even before deciding if they wish to take it beyond there and become Reiki Masters themselves.

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