Reiki 3 | The Reiki Master Level

More About Reiki 3Reiki 3 is the ultimate level of certification in Reiki. Sometimes this level is split into 2 sections – practitioner and Master levels, but in some courses both are combined.

Reiki 3 is the only level which qualifies you to provide an attunement, along with even more powerful healing techniques.

Reiki 3 Benefits

At this level, you of course get a full recap of everything you covered at the earlier levels. You are also introduced to the Reiki Master symbol, the most powerful symbol in Reiki.

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The use of the Master symbol is restricted to those who have been attuned to the Reiki 3 level.

Another important aspect which many people overlook is that you are given the lineage directly from the founder of Reiki through to your Master performing your attunement.

Once you get attuned, you use this to document your lineage.

The experience and lineage of a Reiki Master is his or her biggest credential, so it is important. Indeed, the most important decision you will make with respect to Reiki training is who the Master will be who leads you through your Reiki 3 experience.

This is true even if you are using online classes as your approach!

There are also practical aspects covered at this ultimate level, such as how to manage a Reiki practice and how to attune others correctly to Reiki.

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The attunement you receive is obviously the most sublime and profound experience. Much more powerful that your earlier attunements. At that point, you are fully qualified.

Bear in mind that your qualifications are one thing, but your experience counts for a lot as well. Your Reiki skills will increase with use and practice, so you could say that your Reiki attunement is really only the start of your journey as a Master.

Those who complete the final Reiki level report very high levels of self-realization and confidence, quite apart from their ability to make a living doing good for others!

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