Reiki Chakras Energy Healing Concepts Explained

Get Attuned to ReikiIn Reiki chakras play a big role in energy healing. As you probably know, Reiki is an excellent approach for energy healing, largely because it embraces the most beneficial aspects of all of the highly-thought of alternative healing arts.

Within appropriate Reiki Classes Online or in person, it brings together chakras, the Aura, meditation, crystals, etc. It is the connector of all of these wonderful ancient healing arts. For energy healing, it is a great approach.

Chakras are the focus of most healing sessions. The basic concept is that we have four bodies. A physical body and three spiritual bodies. The spiritual bodies connect with the physical bodies through the flow of chakra energy from the universal life force to our Aura.

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This is why Reiki healers have had success in helping patients with physical ailments, even though Reiki deals with energy flow and assisting the patient in optimizing their own energy flow. That is what energy healing is all about.

Reiki Chakras Energy Healing

Indeed, a good Reiki healer with proper Reiki Training will never claim that they cured a patient through energy healing. Instead they will say that they helped the patient cure themselves. Chakra theory states that the chakras are each connected with and influence the major organs of the body, the mind, and the spirit.

As there is usually an emotional element as well as a physical element to any physical ailment, Reiki healing is a comprehensive approach.

But Reiki chakras energy healing goes beyond the physical and addresses the emotional and spiritual aspects triggering the ailment also. That is why it has been so successful in addressing stress, anxiety – and ailments considered more emotional.

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An education in Reiki is an excellent introduction to the chakra system and Reiki healing. And because it is the patient’s own energy which does the healing, empowering yourself to self heal is an excellent approach to a happier, healthier life with an Aura of wellness and contentedness.

As a journey of self realization it is unsurpassed.

At the base of the tail bone is the root chakra, which influences the physical body spinal cord, kidneys, rectum, legs and feet. On the emotional level it influences grounding and contentedness.

The sacral chakra in the pubic area will address womb, prostate, liver, kidneys, stomach and also intimacy-related issues, self esteem and reproduction.

Above the belly button is the solar plexus chakra. Reiki involving this chakra will address anxiety, personal power issues, intestines, ribs, and receiving guidance.

Reiki chakra energy healing via the heart chakra addresses heart, lungs, blood, arms, hands and also compassion, loving, forgiveness, and giving and receiving appropriately.

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The throat charka is used in healing to address throat, teeth, gums, mouth, insecurity, self worth, and truthfulness.

The brow chakra is used to address the brain, eyes, ears, nose, neurological system and also intuition, dreams, etc.

The crown charka is located just outside your body on top of your head. This is a key in healing as it is through the crown chakra that the universal life force flows into and through your body. Healing will invoke the crown chakra to help with inner peace, love, joy, and happiness.

This is just a very brief discussion of a complex topic. Embracing Reiki chakras energy healing is a positive step, so you can effectively harness the energy flow in your body for wellness, for yourself and others!

More and more people are turning to Reiki in these troubling times, in part because if its power for relaxation, calmness, and self realization.

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