Reiki Chakras Overview

Online Reiki CertificationThere are seven principal Reiki chakras, each responsible for a variety of healing and wellness benefits. In Reiki the chakras form the basis for managing the energy flow throughout the body for optimal healing powers.

Chakras are essentially the filters through which the life force energy flows into and through the body. Balancing these is one of the primary goals of Reiki healing.

Practitioners of Reiki, after appropriate Reiki Certification, can help to channel the flow of energy through the chakras for improved overall healing!

Seven Principal Chakras

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As you can see from the chart further down the page, the chakras form a line following the spine from just above the skull to the lower base of the back. Each of the chakras has a symbol and color associated with it, and visualizing these in meditation is helpful in focusing on each of the chakras in turn.


Of the chakras, the crown chakra is the only one not located within your physical body. You can visualize crown chakras hovering just outside the body above the top of the skull.

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The colors gold and white are the associated colors, this chakra influences the pineal gland and is responsible for wisdom, peace, and realization.

Third Eye

The third eye chakra has most influence on the pituitary gland. Colors associated with the third eye chakra are violet and indigo. This chakra influences your intuition and perception foremost.


Blue is the color associated with these chakras which influence the thyroid gland. The throat chakra has been defined as your center of expression.


The heart chakra has a deep green color associated with it. Of the Reiki chakras the heart chakra influences the thymus gland and deals with emotions and emotional calm and healing.
Reiki Chakras

Solar Plexus

The solar plexus influences the spleen. Visualize power and strength for the solar plexus, which has the color yellow associated with it.


The sacral chakra influences the prostate, the ovaries, and the testicles. The sacral chakra connects with the emotional body.


The color most often associated with the root chakra is deep red. The root chakras ground us and address our physical state and well-being. The affected gland is the adrenal gland.

The chakras spin at varying speeds to regulate life force energy. Reiki healers help patients to regularize and optimize this energy flow, so a focus on the principal Reiki chakras is an inherent part of Reiki therapy.

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