Reiki Healing Attunement Particulars

Get Attuned to ReikiTo use Reiki to treat and heal you must receive a Reiki healing attunement from a qualified Reiki master during your Reiki training. What the master does in the healing attunement is to awaken the powerful energy within you.

The very act of receiving a Reiki attunement will be beneficial to you also. Because it will balance your universal life force energy flow. You will feel calmer, and your physical sensitivity will increase also.

While Reiki is not a religion, many find the attunement to be a very spiritual process. Energy flows from the master to the student, which in turn awakens the energy within the student, or attunes it. Because we all have life force energy within us! The Reiki master is not giving us anything, simply turning on or awakening what we already possess.

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During the Reiki healing attunement various chakras in the student are opened and cleared, allowing a direct link between the student and the Reiki source.

Reiki Healing Attunement

There are three levels of Reiki and only one attunement is needed at each level. You should be well prepared, physically and emotionally, for each attunement as they are a significant component of your Reiki education.

As we said, there are many physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits for the student by participating in an attunement. So while the student is usually getting attuned so that they can advance their Reiki abilities and ultimately heal others, and possibly teach and attune others, great benefits accrue to them in the process.

This is because it is a process of cleansing, of improving energy flow, and boosting the connection with the universal life force – the Reiki source.

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That is why a procedure of purification is well advised in the days leading up to your attunement. Your Reiki master will give you specific instructions, but they revolve around controlling your diet to eliminate intake of toxins. This includes refraining from alcohol or tobacco.

Who Can Give Reiki Healing Attunement?

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While you can heal others after completing the first level of Reiki, only a Reiki master who has completed all three levels can attune others to Reiki. Because a Reiki attunement is not about healing the recipient! It is about preparing the student to be able to heal others using Reiki.

Reiki training and Reiki attunements are much more widely available than before. Indeed, some of the most powerful Reiki masters have created online Reiki courses. This is because they realize that the world needs more Reiki healers and they want to make sure that the students are being guided and attuned by a very experienced master.

They simply can’t be everywhere – yet a remote attunement by a powerful, vastly experienced Reiki master is much better than a Reiki healing attunement in person given by a less experienced master.

Your Reiki healing attunement is only as good as the master who is attuning you, in person or remotely. So choose very carefully!

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