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Study Reiki At HomeThe Reiki symbols in traditional Reiki were kept in a very secretive manner. Indeed, students who were engaged in Reiki Training were forced to memorize the Reiki symbols and to promise that they did not have copies drawn or written down somewhere.

The traditional Reiki masters were very secretive about Reiki in general, and this is one of the reasons why there is a shortage of qualified Reiki masters!

Thankfully, in modern Reiki a more open approach is adopted. One of the sad things about the previous secrecy about the symbols is that it is hard now to get agreement on what the absolutely correct original symbols used in Reiki are.

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Memories fade, and consequently variations of the symbols have emerged, each claiming to be the authentic original.

That is just plain silly! It is not the symbol itself which is powerful. It is the training by a highly qualified Reiki Master about the significance of the symbols and the appropriate uses to which the Reiki symbols can be applied. That is the power of the symbols – not the mechanical ability to replicate them on paper!

The Four Main Reiki Symbols

Having said that – here are the four main symbols along with a very brief description of each! Without the proper education and attunement to Reiki you cannot use them with any effect. Indeed, one of the fears which led to early secrecy was that harm would be caused by improper use.

However, one of the powerful things about Reiki is that it cannot be used for harm. It cannot harm you and you cannot harm anybody else with Reiki.


Cho-Ku-Rei is the first Reiki symbol. It is sometimes referred to as the power symbol. Students are introduced to the power symbol and educated about it at the Reiki II level.

You can see that it resembles a coil, and you can think of it as regulating or boosting Reiki healing energy by contracting and expanding to regulate energy flow. Reiki practitioners use this symbol and draw on its power in almost all Reiki healing sessions.


The next Reiki symbol is Sei-He-Ki. Think of purity, emotional healing, clearing, and protection. Many Reiki practitioners use this symbol is cases where the patient is fraught, upset, or disturbed emotionally.

Some of the more progressive Reiki Masters understand that there is an emotional or non-physical aspect to every problem, even physical problems.

Reiki healing energy directs itself to where it is needed. In many cases, even with physical ailments there is an emotional dimension and using this symbol can boost the healing energy applied to heal those emotional elements.

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The third important Reiki symbol is Hon-Ze-Sho-Nen. This symbol is important for distance healing. Used for transmitting Reiki healing energy over time, space, and distance you can see its obvious applicability to distance healing and distance attunement. However, for in-person Reiki healing this symbol is essential at certain times also.

It is the gateway to the Akashic records.

These are said to hold the key to many karmic goals and a lot of the baggage carried by traumas in this life and before. These traumas can be resolved using this symbol, which can also be applied to self healing.

It is the most complex of the symbols to which students are exposed at the Reiki II level.


Dai-Ko-Myo, the fourth Reiki symbol, is introduced to students at the Reiki III or Reiki Master level. It is also referred to by some as the Master Reiki symbol.

It is used for healing the soul and it excellent at drawing out negativity and negative energy. It works on the spiritual body. It is the most powerful Reiki symbol.

Indeed some people believe it is Reiki itself.

Some Reiki Masters (and only Reiki Masters can used this symbol) use this symbol exclusively in most of their healing sessions.

This is just a very brief introduction to Reiki symbols. Those who have an interest in learning Reiki will be taught to understand and harness all of the Reiki symbols for Reiki energy healing. Many people take a Reiki course solely for their own benefit in terms of self healing. From our perspective, the more people who embrace this wonderful healing art the better!

More and more people are turning to Reiki in these troubling times, in part because if its power for relaxation, calmness, and self realization.

Your Reiki energy healing attunement is only as good as the master who is attuning you, in person or remotely. So choose very carefully!

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