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Get Attuned to Reiki TodayThe fundamental aspect of Reiki for self healing is that Reiki energy healing channels energy to three separate personas within us, apart from our physical being. Indeed, Reiki is a system of both wellness and of spiritual growth.

It is also a great method of self realization. One of the benefits of Reiki is that it draws on the best from many of the healing arts. It is not an isolated system. It embraces chakras, the Aura, crystal healing, meditation, self realization.

Expose yourself to Reiki Training and you have a pathway to the most powerful of the alternative and ancient healing arts.

Reiki Energy Healing for Self Healing

There are two important aspects to energy healing and one has a direct bearing on self healing.

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Reiki healing on others can involve healing through touch, but without a depletion of the energy of the healer. The healer’s energy is used to channel the energy of the patient, and to influence the correct flow of that Reiki healing energy. This is achieved by opening and clearing the chakras of the patient, usually through hand movements and touch.

The more experienced Reiki masters and practitioners can also heal remotely, once again indicating that their energy is being called upon but not transferred or depleted.

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It is the correct channeling of the energy flow in the patient which causes the Reiki healing, and it is the energy of the patient which does the healing. The Reiki master or practitioner simply facilitates it based on his or her training and experience.

But Reiki healing can be used for self healing as well. Indeed, it is encouraged that the recipient of a Reiki attunement (the process which attunes a person to use Reiki to heal) engages in self healing with Reiki healing daily for 21 days after their attunement.

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This is because the attunement process facilitates the clearing and cleansing of the chakras and is reinforced by the daily self healing Reiki energy healing. As each chakra takes approximately 3 days to cleanse, and the process is consecutive and not concurrent, it takes about 21 days to completely cleanse the 7 major chakras.

A Reiki attunement typically happens at each degree or stage of Reiki. There are three degrees, and at the third, the recipient is attuned to Reiki master level.

There is nothing to say that you can’t receive more attunements, indeed it is considered a good idea if you don’t practice Reiki frequently, but three at all that are required, for Reiki I, Reiki II, and Reiki III.

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