What is Reiki and Does Reiki Energy Healing Work

How Do I Become A Reiki MasterWhat is Reiki? Reiki is an ancient healing art which can help on many levels. For dealing with pain, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders – these are just some of the areas where Reiki healing therapy can help.

Will energy healing via Reiki work? That is a controversial quandary and the matter is distorted by quite a bit of confusion with respect to what Reiki therapy does and does not achieve!

My response to does energy healing via Reiki work, expanded upon later, is that Reiki healing can achieve results if you have realistic aspirations about what Reiki energy technique does and does not do!

What Is Reiki and What Can Reiki Energy Healing Achieve?

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Firstly, let us dispense with a lot of the far out ideas! In my research on Reiki energy technique I needed to interact with a number of Reiki energy technique Masters and to discuss it with intelligent individuals who have had Reiki energy technique treatment.

The majority of the teachers with whom I discussed Reiki are truly kind individuals, who obviously care about Reiki and who possess fair opinions on the possibilities of Reiki as a complementary alternative process and form of self-realization.

Those people are honest commentators for what is possible. And great to talk to and find out what is Reiki exactly!

These are the people who are responsible for the fact that energy healing via Reiki is moving from the fringes to the acknowledged, especially in the disciplines of control of pain, stress and management of anxiety, hypertension normalization, and a wide range of other treatment areas. These people take their Reiki Certification seriously and only want to do good in the world!

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But it has to be said, some people came over as pontificating, conceited Reiki healing Masters – full of self importance. For them, what is Reiki has an unreasonable answer! Such people are genuinely very difficult to talk with, and impossible to engage in a debate with. They possess the theory that energy healing sessions should heal every one of all conditions.

I guess it is unlikely to be modest when you feel you bring forth that gift! For situations where their gift gets no results, they ascribe it to the excuse that the patient wasn’t a believer in energy healing via Reiki – so it’s not their responsibility!

Those are the people who also expect huge payment to grant their “incredible” gift to the little people! Of course, such people do the art of energy healing via Reiki no good at all! No matter what Reiki is, it is not what they think it is or want it to be!

So does Reiki truly operate as promised?  As I said earlier, it does benefit akin to many other healing approaches. There is not a huge body of studies to present complete proof, but the number of reports that favorably rate Reiki energy technique is approaching statistical relevance.

By way of illustration the Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine has published reports on quite a few topical studies which showed discernible health benefits from Reiki. In one research project on stress and depression, a number of groups were watched. One group was treated with hands-on therapy for six weeks, another distance treatment by a qualified practitioner, while other groups received placebo therapy by unqualified people one with physical presence and the other by remote means concurrently.

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The people who benefited from true Reiki therapy were observed to have significantly more positive health impacts than the placebo groups, even more than a year post study. Incredibly, when the people who were treated with the false energy healing via Reiki were given real Reiki healing following the study they only then displayed comparable positive results on anxiety.

A particular study indicated results validating Reiki energy technique in a research project measuring relieving pain after a major dental treatment, indicating Reiki energy technique’s benefits in pain management.

You can form your own view on the does Reiki healing work issue, but I expect that alternative treatments like Reiki healing will be introduced quickly in the mainstream. Due to the excellent connection they cause between the healer and the sufferer, it could be their biggest benefit will be that they reintroduce the heart back into treatment approaches!

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